POLL: Do You Support President Trump Ripping Barack Obama’s Legacy Into Shreds?

From The Daily Mail:

Brick by brick, the demolition job has begun: since taking office less than a year ago, Donald Trump has launched an all-out assault on the legacy of Barack Obama.

Climate, free trade, health care, immigration, foreign policy — the 45th US president has set about undoing just about everything done by the 44th.

All new presidents, of course, break with their predecessor once in the Oval Office, especially if they come from a rival political party.

But what is striking is how systematic the hammer blows to Obama’s legacy have been.

And rather than throw his weight behind new policies or projects, Trump has shown a willful desire to unpick, shred and erase everything his predecessor accomplished.

So what do you think? Do you think President Trump is doing an awesome job of removing every legacy of Obama’s, since his legacy was one of pushing America away from the US Constitution to radical proportions?

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