Actor James Woods Weighs In on ‘President Oprah’ With Powerful Images

Actor James Woods doesn’t hold back on Twitter. The celebrated and award-winning actor is an outspoken conservative and routinely lampoons liberal double standards and Hollywood hyperbole on the social media site.

When he heard Oprah Winfrey’s fiery speech about female empowerment and the #MeToo movement Sunday night at the Golden Globe Awards, rumors circulated that Winfrey might run for president in 2020.

And Woods’ spidey senses went to work.

In a series of three tweets, Woods rained on the parade of support that followed Winfrey’s airy speech.

He indicated that there wasn’t a bit of daylight between Winfrey and accused rapist, Hollywood mogul, and Democratic Party supporter Harvey Weinstein:

In a follow-up tweet, Woods once again conveyed that the two moguls were tight:

And the most devastating:

Two of the three tweets have since been removed for unknown reasons.

Last October, Weinstein claimed that Winfrey called him to offer her support, according to TMZ. However, Winfrey’s spokesperson denied the report.

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